Today’s Commercial Delivery Driver

Does the stereotype of “truck drivers” from the 70’s as in “Smokey and the Bandit” and the hit song “Convoy” enter your mind?  Misconceptions about truck drivers as unsophisticated loners or renegade cowboys are changing.  Today’s truck drivers are trained, tested and have the professional skills and the dedication to safety and efficiency that keep our goods moving.

People around the Country have become aware of the “Driver Shortage”, a situation that will undoubtedly affect all of those who have become reliant on e-commerce and free two-day delivery.  What some people don’t consider is the number of materials, products, and goods that are transported by truck across the Country every hour of every day. With consumer confidence at its highest level in almost 17 years, major motor carriers are struggling to find the drivers they need and are offering incentives and higher wages to bring new interest to the industry.  In August, truck driver annual wages jumped 5.7% from 2016 wages.

Additionally, a recent article published on referenced the Top 50 Revenue Growth Companies in 2016.  Interestingly, the only success stories from a revenue perspective on this Top 50 list were the parcel carriers.  This directly correlates to the rapid growth of deliveries to people’s homes by parcel carriers and fewer shipments that are transported from distribution hubs to local stores.  The ATA (American Trucking Association) projects freight volumes to grow 2.8% this year and similar growth each year through 2023.

Become a part of a profession that takes you around the Country, frees you from a desk in an industry that delivers our goods safely, securely and on time.  Remember that 80% of America’s communities rely on trucking… your morning coffee was brought to you by a professional truck driver.



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