What could Amazon’s new service, Amazon Key, mean to your courier business?

Amazon just announced their new service – Amazon Key. By using a combination of compatible smart locks and Amazon’s new Cloud Cam security camera the service promises to allow Amazon couriers to deliver packages inside.

The process is simple. When a courier arrives with a package they scan the package barcode. Normally this would be where the delivery process stops. Instead, a request is made to Amazon that starts video recording on the Cloud Cam and unlocks the door for the courier. Once the package is placed safely indoors the courier completes the delivery on their mobile device and the door is locked again as they leave. The recipient of the package is then notified and sent a short clip of the drop-off recorded by the Cloud Cam.

This year Shorr Packaging Corp analyzed 1,000 people to determine how rampant package theft is. According to the survey, 31% percent of respondents said that they had “personally experienced package theft”. Of those surveyed, 53% said they had to “change their plans” to make sure they were home to receive a package. This impacts customer behavior when choosing to ship or go buy items. Clearly Amazon Key, and services like it, aim to solve this problem. When customers feel safe about receiving packages they will ship more and that means more business for the logistics industry.

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Further Reading:

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Amazon Key Announcement – https://www.amazon.com/b?&node=17285120011

Amazon Cloud Cam – https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Cloud-Indoor-Security-Camera/dp/B01C4UY0JK

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